JWeis Marketing is grateful to be serving aspiring author, public speaker, and Christian ministry founder, Holly Wright. We’ll be building Holly’s web assets, delivering an ongoing marketing strategy, and providing turnkey podcasting services. 

We recently interviewed Holly on an episode of The Grit, and if you’d like to hear her full testimony, give the video below a watch.

Holly speaks passionately about her ten-year journey as a rebellious teen who rejected her Christian upbringing. The turning point in her faith occurred in her 20s when she got pregnant and wanted to have an abortion. After reigniting the fire in her faith, Holly hasn’t looked back into her past but instead presses forward with a new light. Today, Holly is an aspiring author and speaker, who is sharing her testimony to inspire those who might have lost their faith. She’s been running her ministry, For the Broken Hearted Ministries, for ten years. Her ministry was founded on Isaiah 61:1, where everyday faith displays His goodness to a world desperate to know Him.

If Holly’s story so sparks something in you,  follow her podcast. Or, if you have a testimony where God intervened in your life, and He is speaking to you to share, submit your story to Holly at www.forthebrokenhearted.org. Holly’s new book will be a compilation of these miraculous stories that can only be described as supernatural, where the hand of God clearly intervenes in someone’s life. Holly will personally interview the owner of each selected testimony and carefully write their story to be published.