Savvy social media marketers know how to write content that performs and converts. In order to be successful on social media, content must include a seamless interplay by making the audience feel something and becoming compelled to engage with your call to action.

Today’s social media users are keenly aware and suspicious of brands that use click-bait or other disingenuous forms of marketing to make a buck. You need to be a beacon of authenticity among the crowd. When shaping content, it’s key that you keep your target audience in mind. The copy you write will ultimately be shaped around the needs and wants they have – not around what you want to accomplish.

Approach social media like you would a relationship. You build relationships to have a mutual connection, build shared experiences, and learn from one another. Social media marketing mimics that same narrative. Potential customers are out there looking for a brand to connect with, and if done correctly, your product or service will be the one they choose.

Below we outline how to write social media content that converts.

Brand Voice

Customers get to know your brand through your online voice, reflected in the copy you write and share on social media. As they scroll your feed, it should be recognizable immediately. You want your brand to be authentic and transparent. In addition, it’s also important that this same voice carry over to any other marketing that you do.

Post with Purpose

Don’t post blindly – post with intent. While crafting the social media content, remember why people come to social media in the first place. They are looking to connect, learn something, and have fun. If you give your audience what they want, it makes it easy for them to engage.

Call to Action

What is it that you want your audience to experience or do? What is the end goal? Communicate clearly the who, what, why, where and when in your posts. To help frame your call to action, consider your audience’s pain points and how what you are offering can solve that pain point.


Social media content isn’t just used to sell, sell, sell. Promotional only content will wane your audience’s trust in your intentions. Take to social media to educate your customers on what makes your products or serves the best choice.

Trending Topics

Is there any newsworthy content related to your industry? Share it with your stamp of commentary. This shows that you are keeping up with the latest news and trends in your market. As time progresses, customers will look for you as the main source of authority in your industry.

As you set out to write social media content that converts, always keep your target audience top of mind. In today’s saturated market, customers are looking for authentic brands to do business with. Keeping your brand voice genuine will build trust and rapport with your audience, making them more likely to choose your product or service. Above all, don’t just write content to sell but diversify your offerings by educating and informing you audience.

Social media engagement doesn’t occur be happenstance. We have a team of professionals experienced to write copy that converts customers. We’re the digital marketing authority and want to help you revolutionize your brand’s image. Reach out to us to get started.