If you aren’t using video marketing to grow your business, it’s time to take it seriously. You need to get creative and start implementing strategies that your competitors aren’t. Video is the way of the future, except the future is now. By 2021, video marketing is going to consume internet traffic by 80% that’s too important to ignore. 

We recommend starting video content through a podcast. Video podcasting is a great way to build authority in your industry and provide your target audience with valuable, entertaining content. What makes video podcasting a great marketing technique is that it gives customers long-form content. As users of social media, we’re accustomed to bursts of short information like tweets, short blog posts, Snapchat videos, and more. But, a podcast gives you the ability to develop deeper relationships with your audience and cultivate a touchpoint not achievable with a character count. And, video podcasting allows you the freedom to use the content in short video bites too — it’s the best of both worlds.

Getting Started 

We’ve got the low down to help you start planning your first video podcast in the right direction. Let’s get started…

  1. Get the goods. You need quality video with quality sound. In a recent video by JWeis Marketing, we’ve outlined what you need to produce your first video podcast and how to get it for under $200. This will help you start producing video immediately.
  2. Nail down the content and logistics. Who are you making this podcast for? Start brainstorming what you’d like to share with your target audience. More importantly, what would they find valuable? Would you want to be interviewing guests or have an ongoing host interview you? Where will you shoot it? How long will it be? 
  3. Name it. Conceptualize a catchy, brandable name to attach to your podcast. It could be an extension of your business name, personal name, or something 100% original. 
  4. Launch it. Post the video in one or two-minute snippets directly on your Youtube and Facebook. Then monitor how much engagement you are getting the type of feedback you are receiving to inform future video content. You can also cross-post the full audio-only podcast on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Stitcher, Breaker, Spotify, and more.

We recommend shooting a one-hour video podcast once a month that can be cut into one or two minute videos. You’ll dredge those videos across the world wide web to maximize your web assets and your presence online. Now with hundreds of videos distributed all over the internet, you gain credibility, you earn trust, and you develop relationships with your audience This makes you the authority of your industry. 

Here’s some extra advice. One of the biggest mistakes I see podcasters make is losing interest in their podcast and doing it half-ass or inconsistently. As long as you’ve established the “why” behind your podcast, do your audience a favor and show up consistently. Today’s customers are finicky and can lose interest quickly if you don’t show up regularly with new content.

Do I Have to Do This All Myself?

Chances are you don’t know jack about what content to start with or how to cut and splice a video. You may need help sticking to a podcast schedule. Starting a podcast may sound like a great idea, but the logistics require a generous investment of skill and time.

If you don’t want to mess with producing your own podcast, we have a team that can implement that for you. We can plan the content, interview you, record the video, edit it, and present the final product. From start to finish, we have you covered to produce your video podcast.

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